MDO is a state-licensed program since 1982

*We seek to provide parents and children
the opportunity to spend healthy time apart.

*Our goal is to increase each child’s positive social interaction
with peers and with caring adults outside the family setting.

*We strive to foster a loving and secure atmosphere
in which each child can develop a healthy self-concept.

* We maintain smaller class sizes to provide the attention
and nurturing children need to feel safe and special.

* Children don’t need to be potty-trained to attend our programs.

* We know that happy and healthy parents and care givers
are the foundation of a child’s well-being.

That’s why we offer a variety of family-support programs
and ministries throughout the year.

For details about our programs or to register your child 

call or email Miss Debbie at:

Are you on our waiting list?

MDO fills up quickly each year, so be sure to contact Miss Debbie
to reserve a space for your child.

It’s never too early and there is no fee to be placed on our list.

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